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Unfortunately, car problems seldom occur when it's convenient for you. We have a large fleet of vehicles to provide you with timely services. No matter when and where you need help, call Henry's Wrecker Service for quality roadside assistance.

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Trust the most respected force in the towing industry to provide you with comprehensive services to all your needs — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Trespass Towing Release Requirements:


Photo ID from the registered owner and copy of vehicle registration, insurance card, or title that matches the registered owner’s ID. If the registered owner (or person on ins. card) is reclaiming a vehicle and is present with above requirements, he or she can pay with HIS or HER Visa, MasterCard, or cash EXACT CHANGE ONLY.


If the person has a photo ID and is not on the registration, but has the same last name and same address as the registered owner (on their ID), we will release the EXACT CASH as payment ONLY.


If the person has photo ID, but does not qualify for the above and wants to claim a vehicle, The REGISTERED OWNER must write a NOTARIZED letter as follows:      

I (registered owner's name) authorize (name of agent picking up vehicle) to retrieve my (make model VIN vehicle) from HENRY’S on (today’s date) (owner's printed name, and signed name) attach copy of photo ID of registered owner.


The agent must present owner's registration card and his or her photo ID for our records as well.

If the vehicle is a company vehicle, we need a letter faxed to us by the company listed on the registration card. The letter must be on COMPANY LETTER HEAD authorizing the agent to pick up work vehicle from us. The letter must include the Year, Make, Model, VIN and tag number, the agent’s name who is picking it up, and must be signed and dated.

How do I get my car back if it gets towed?

Call us any time of the day for prompt and efficient roadside assistance and towing services.


You must first go to the Takoma Park police station to obtain a police release for a vehicle in impound BEFORE coming to our location at 2661-C Garfield Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20910.


The cost for a police release as of 3-28-14 is $25 made payable to “City of Takoma Park”.  Once this is obtained, the registered owner may proceed to our Silver Spring location to reclaim their vehicle.


The cost for TPPD impounds is as follows:


Hookup - $175

Storage - $50 (per calendar day)


We will accept Visa or MasterCard from the registered owner or cash exact change for TPPD releases.

My car got towed from Takoma Park, how do I get it back?

Call us even in the middle of the night for prompt and efficient roadside assistance and towing services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard only.  No personal checks or AMEX - EXACT CHANGE ONLY.