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Are you tired of seeing unauthorized vehicles parked in your commercial space? Get in touch with us today. Henry's Wrecker Service provides premium parking management solutions with our Dispatch Anywhere software. This software allows us to have information specific to your property or location right on our drivers' fingertips.

Professional and Quality Parking Management

We understand how difficult the life of a parking manager can be. Let us make your

life simpler.


We have a large fleet of trucks on standby, capable of helping you unclog your parking space as swiftly as possible.

  • Customized parking permits

  • Custom enforcement signs

  • Custom parking tags

  • Enforcement patrol

Enjoy our free service options

We are the region’s largest and most respected force in the towing business covering all of Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland. We surpass all state and federal requirements for insurance - everything from liability to workers' compensation.


All our storage units are conveniently located for your benefit. Our storage units are also well-lit and equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras.

Insured and convenient storage

Call us now and let us manage your parking lot

for you.


Call us now and let
us manage your
parking lot for you.
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Our Professionals!

Please contact these professionals to inquire about our Parking Management Solutions for your property:


Maryland - Kelvin Smith 301-985-2679 -

Virginia - Tim Steigleman 703-763-4404 -


General Questions please call 703-280-5336 or email us at